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Meet your planning committee: we are a group of techies, investors, entrepreneurs

and doers passionate about finding solutions to homelessness in Los Angeles.

Nancy Hammerman

"I am not ok with what I see in LA today.  I refuse to believe that this crisis is too big and too complex that we cannot make an impact.  LA can be a leader in homeless innovation and each of us can do something."

Sutton Capital Partners


Stacy Cumberbatch

"I came on board because I moved to LA from San Francisco and I don't want to see the city fall into the same homelessness crisis as the Bay Area."

Quake Capital


Michael Martin

"I came onboard because our unhoused neighbors require a collaborative network of support to help get them back on their feet. While tech cannot be the only solution, it can superpower much of the work already being done and hopefully, help end this crisis."

Free Machine


Ariel McNichol

"Like many Angelenos, I want to make a meaningful contribution to helping our homeless neighbors - so I'm thrilled to be part of an event that will create valuable connections and synergies! Just imagine the long-term potential benefits of bringing investors, policy makers, technologists and nonprofit leaders together to discuss the complex needs, goals & successes around technology and homelessness."


John Queenan

"I believe in the power of human community - that when we band together there is no difficulty too great to be overcome. In this era of connectivity, the technology sector has the tools and the talent to make it easier than ever to get our unhoused fellows the food, shelter, and services they need – we need only take action towards the solution."

Sutton Capital Partners


Michele Raphael

“Homelessness in L.A. is at a crisis point. It’s easy to feel helpless in face of such a massive issue. I was inspired to join the Tech+Homelessness team to be a part of collaborative, tangible solutions.”

Maximizing Media


Ellen Sloan

"I believe the issue of homelessness can be resolved when all sectors pull together to lift people up.  Innovation and “outside the box” thinking is needed and that is what the tech and venture community do so well.  I want to engage these communities to improve our community for all of us."

SoCap Tech


Kern Wasan

"We already know that technology has moved and impacted every aspect of our personal and professional lives. We can and absolutely will harness tech’s reach and scope to move the needle here in LA for our displaced homeless community. But for two decades there has been too much talk and policy that does not actually change lives – yet with tech solutions directly created for small portions of our community we can create significant impact and scale and iterate area by area. All it takes is the first step….from us."

Krossover Media Group


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